Anika Am born 1998, is a Boston based artist.


      Through forms of collage, video, photography, and installation she explores notions of

memory, human connection, ephemerality, and her own vulnerabilities. Navigating through the

world as a young woman, she creates work from diaristic experiences, in search of identity and

comfort in a world where everything is moving quickly, fleeting, and with uncertainty.

Often, she questions and challenges who and what photography is for. Examining photography

as a heavily strict, and technical art practice with a dominant white-male origin, she challenges

the medium as a woman of color as she adds to the conversation. By creating work with techniques

and tropes that are often belittled- such as using instant photography, bouncing between

digital and analog mediums, manipulating imagery through hand done processes, repurposing

of found and made images, repetition of symbolism, and strange color palettes. To further this,


     she passionately explores the limits of what imagery could be in forms of installation and video.

By being open about her experiences, and emotions she hopes to inspire others to share their

own vulnerabilities in a world that is often cold and disconnected.


Am is currently a BFA candidate at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in the Photography




EMAIL: Anikapkaiam@gmail.com

nUMBER: 9787619133



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